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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> another 90-degree day today. is there an end to our endless summer? >> another 90-degree day today. is there an end to our endless it's pretty cool. [ woman ] you just feed your check in. feed the money right in. no deposit slips. no looking for an envelope. i have an image of my check right here. i can get a picture of the check, on the receipt. it even tells what kind of bills i put in. [ man ] you just put the bills right in. it even did the math for me. -four twentys. -a ten. -two fives. -a hundred bucks. -it's all right here. ♪ i'm done, i'm outta here. [ male announcer ] quick and easy deposits. with atms from bank of america. ♪ >> more american officials condemn the burning of korans. this as tensions mount between muslims and christians as the anniversary of the september 11 attack approaches. what police are doing to quell this rash of robberies and a
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little monster invasion. lady gaga and her loyal fans descend on wavement -- washington. >> the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan has broken with custom today and is warning that a florida poster's plan to burn korans endangerers american troops. >> the anniversary of the september 11 attacks nears. and tonight religious leaders are condemning the nation's growing anti-muslim frenzy. >> secretary of state hillary clinton has now joined the growing chours of those warning against the plans koran burning this september 11 by a small florida church. >> i am heartened by the clear, unequivocal condemn nation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act. >> a day after a protest in kabul against the planned book
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burning, general david petraeus implored the 50-member dove world outreach center in gainesville to call off the event. saying it would only benefit extremists. >> they would use them to inflame public opinion and to insight violence against our soldiers and civilians. >> while the white house endorsed general petraeus' statement, the defense department said the pentagon has no official stance on the matter. and despite the public outcry from many officials, pastor terry jones says he plans to go through with the demonstration. >> if we don't do it, when do we stop backing down? when do we stop giving in to islam? >> the burning, which came as a response to the planned muslim community center and mosque two blocks from ground zero, is one of several recent acts targeting muslims nationwide. here in washington today, a group of interfaith religious leaders said burning a koran hurts all religions. >> bearing false witness against your neighbor is against the koran, is against the bible, is against the gospels.
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and this is why we are here. so we have to be here. >> and also news tonight, the imam of the proposed mosque and less amic center in new york has writsen an op ed peace for "the new york times." he said he will proceed with a center for a mosque at ground zero. >> in cleveland, ohio, tomorrow, president obama will outline tax cuts designed to create new jobs. the plan allows businesses to write off awful their new capital investments through the end of next year. this proposal also calls for permanently extending a research tax credit. thaffle is on top of a $50 billion infrastructure investment. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around. >> and it was something of a surprising show of support. m.i.t. romny said this plan is just what the country needs. meanwhile, a new poll shows the
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daunting challenge facing president obama and democratics ahead of the midterm elections coming up. for the fist time, 52% of voters now disapprove of the way president obama's job performance has been playing out. the poll also shows public dissatisfaction with the democrat-controlled federal government and that's its highest level in 18 years. >> college park son high alert tonight after more people are attacked in a series of violent muggings. the incidents have occurred just off campus in the overnight hours and tonight a victim is detailing his terrifying ordeal. we're live with the story. >> three of the five attacks happened about a block from where i'm standing. one of them just a short distance behind me on that paved path. police are swarming the area tonight. >> every week there's a new email about a new robbery or somebody getting mugged. >> a rash of violent robberies near the university of maryland's campus in college park has police out in full force. everyone on alert. especially this 21-year-old man
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who does not want to be identified. >> it was kind of scary. i was just trying to remain cool and not do anything stupid to get myself shot. >> he said monday night at around sok 30 while walking home from a friend eas house along this paved path, two men confronted him. >> put a gun up to my head and told me to give them all my money and then tell me not to look at them or they were going to kill me. >> he obeyed and is grateful to have survived. prince georgia county police say four minutes later another similar armed robbery. authorities are also investigating three similar muggings dating back to august 27 along the route 1 core domplet they say in each case, multiple suspects traveling together attacked and robbed a student or group of students. maryland senior who lives very close to the latest attacks knows all too well about crime in college park. >> the back glass window was shattered. >> last fall his place was burglarized.
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thousands of dollars in property taken. now he wonders how this crime wave will impact his final year. >> it's scary. makes you not want to go out at night. >> we need to stress that a couple of arrests were already made on that august 27 case. but because the attacks keep coming and coming, authorities are out in full force tonight in hopes of deterring crime and catching those suspects. >> thank you. let's turn now to the weather. clear sky, mild continues -- conditions out tonight but the question is, do we have a warmup heading our way? >> i thought today was warm up, -- enough, to be honest. >> it got up. >> bob taking a look at the forecast. >> warming up or hot enough. tomorrow we might be near 90 degrees again. we were up in the 90's today. here we are in the furniture weather center. tomorrow night quite as well -- warm. i'll show you some great pictures from space. talk about that fire out in the
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rockies heading toward -- had a friend out there who was under smoke today. i'll show you great pictures of that. but we are still also under a dry partner. we've been more than two weeks since we've had a rain drop. anything coming up this week. i'll tell you about it when i join you. >> new tonight, a man accused in a drunk driving crash that killed a nun has been indicted on a murder charge. last month, carlos martinelly-montano crossed a median and struck a car carrying three nuns. sister jeanette mosier was killed and the others were injured. he has been charged twice now with drunken driving and was in the process of being deported. in the wake of this case, the governor announced that the department of motor vehicles is going to suspend acceptance of the federally issued employment authorization document. the government says that this is a precautionary action over concerns about the document's reliability as evidence of an individual's federal authorization to be in the country. this was how carlos
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martinelly-montano obtained a virginia driver's license, by the way. >> with the anniversary of the september 11 attacks just days away, a massive rebuilding job continues as ground zero in new york. city officials are vowing to open the memorial site by next year. a special plaza will include pools and two giant squares marking the site where the twin towers institute -- stood. crews are building structures like the world trade center. booms will be returned to the site on saturday. they too will be part of the memorial. >> coming up, summer isn't even over yet but some residents are debating about christmas, believe it or not. we'll tell you why. >> and more than two dozen fires are burning across detroit right now. officials want to know if they have an arsonnist on their hands. >> is lady gaga's latest move tasteful or tasteless? thousands of fans at her concert tonight are talking about it. a live report when we return.
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>> this is one of the music industry's hottest stars and she's never short on controversy. >> you got that right. tonight lady gaga is just blocks away from capitol hill and her fans just can't wait to see what's going to happen tonight. john is live at the verizon center with what's been a distinctly unusual evening so far. >> halloween arrived early here in northwest dfpblgt thousands of fans wearing some strange costumes and many of these lady gaga fans are actually children. parents admitting tonight that it's very complicated because she is so controversial. her latest move has petea up in arms. sthe she came to the lady gaga tonight wearing red duck tape. she was far from being the only one wearing offbeat costumes and strange wardrobes saying they relate to the pop sensation. >> she's all about liberating the freaks. i've been teased all throughout
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high school, elementary school. >> wlts speaking politically against arizona's immigration law or preaching abcitynence, she's always been outspoken and tends to push the boundaries often. >> she says what she feel, whether you like it or not. >> perhaps her most controversial move has been this ensemble. a recent pose wearing nothing but a bikini made of red raw meat. >> no moral judgment. it's not something that's my taste. >> that's what makes lady gaga special. this is how they express their gratitude. some lookalikes even turning heads tonight. the best we saw was this guy who cross dressed in order to win tickets to the show. >> i'm impressed how dedicated she is to the art. >> fortunately she's at an age where she doesn't understand the lyrics. >> this local mom has to make sure her daughter knows the difference between lady gaga's performances and her views offstage. >> this is just her talking. >> now at the concert tonight,
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lady gaga spoke in favor of gays in the military. she dedicated a stong a female soldier who had to resign because she is a lesbian. lady gaga said tonight inside, quote, i'm not going to stand around in a bra and not stand for something. >> thank you. coming up, out of control wildfires continue to ravage colorado. thousands have been evacuated. we'll get the latest. >> and coming up next, screaming children never make for a fine dining environment but can you ban them? a look at this controversy.
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my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer. they're juicier. more colorful. they're perfect. that's why at giant, you'll find farm-stand quality fruits and vegetables, at prices u'll love. this week, enjoy whole seedless watermelon, $3.88 each, and select summer fruits, 2 for $4. my grandfather would be very proud, and that works for me. celebrate summer, every time you shop with your giant card. >> new tonight, tomorrow morning, the board of supervisors will decide once and for all if holiday displays associated with any religion can go on the courthouse lawn. more than 50 people lined up to speak at a public hearing
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tonight. the majority of the folks that showed up there urge the board to allow the decorations although some call a religious displays an infringement on the separation of church and state. >> this has been a special privilege provided -- provided to the religious community for a long time and that is an inappropriate collaboration between religion and government. >> all the members of the city council support having displays. the courthouse itself is a county-run facility so therefore it's up tonight county leaders to make this year's decision. >> also news tonight, an infant found unconscious at a district home has died. the 4 month omed was rushed to the hospital. the baby was coughing up formula while eating and became unconscious. authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the child's death. and an intense manhut in montgomery county has surrend -- ended with the surrender of the
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suspect. he turned himself into police late this afternoon. we were over the scene of the apartment complex where prince allegedly fired a high-powered rifle at his ex-girlfriend this morning. the woman wasn't hurt. the incident and ensuing manhunt forced a lockdown at two schools. prince now faces charges including attempted murder. >> we've all been there maybe even some of you tonight, at your favorite restaurant and then a child just starts screaming. tonight a north carolina restaurant has a solution that's getting some mixed reviews. the old assaulty restaurant has a sign out front that says no, screaming children. the owner says she's sick and tired of hearing complaints about noisy kids. >> if they find it offending, i suggest they find another restaurant to eat at that does tolerate it because we're not going to. >> the owner says this new rule is bringing in more business. she says if a patron's child begins screaming, an employee will ask the parent to bring the child outside. no one will be ask to leave for good, though.
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>> amazing video out of detroit tonight where dozens of homes are burning at several locations on detroit's east side. at least 25 homes are fully engulfed. there's also a huge commercial building ablaze. windy weather has hampered the firefighter's efforts. police are investigating the blazes. and fire officials say that a car crashed into a propane tank may have sparked this massive wildfire in colorado. powerful winds have spread the flames and hampered firefighters' efforts there. thousands of people so far have been evacuated. >> looks like we're not the only ones who need some rain. >> as a matter of fact, we're under a dry pattern. if that continues, our fire danger here increases. some great pictures by the way from the great polar orbiting satellite. this is from a satellite dish. that smoke is hundreds of miles. you can get an idea that have plume from those fires out on
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the rockies. i'll zoom in. there is a boulder and there isden. there's that plume, this one yesterday. so there's denver and boulder. i had a friend in boulder who said he couldn't go out for a walk this morning because of all of the smoke. meanwhile, back here at home, we've had nf another sunny day but now we've gone through three weeks almost, we're heading in, by the end of this week, for three weeks without any rain and a lot of spots are indeed getting dry. beautiful, beautiful evening, for nokes who wanted to extend their holiday -- for folks who wanted to extend their holiday weekend. 94 degrees. our average now is 84 degrees. so right now we're just about near our average high temperature. let me show you what's been going on in the tropics, also. remember tropical storm hermean? now it's just a depression. rain spreading through texas. there's a weather front that will die out by the time it gets here but while we've been dry,
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more rain, some localized very heavy rain. look at houston, tapped into one of our weather bug sites, 76 degrees, over an inch of rain in houston. our rainfall, again, for the last two weeks, zero. zero. here's what's going to be going on. here's the wide view. you can see what's left of the tropical storm spinning away to the south. in back of a weather front that comes through, our air will get a little bit cooler, not dramatically chillier. but certainly a little bit on the breezy side by tomorrow afternoon. we may still be getting close to near 90 degrees but then as we head into the remainder of the week, alas with northwesterly winds still on the cool, dry side. so tomorrow when you get up, head out to work and who to school, it will be comfortable. temperatures only around 70 degrees. our high temperature tomorrow afternoon will be reaching in the mid to high 80's. i don't think 90 degrees. a bit on the breezy side as those winds come in. then later on in the weem week, cool nights, pleasant days. our averagers, as we get later
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in the week, is near 80 degrees. sunday, anything we see on sunday would be light. not going to interfere with the game. redskins are going to play no matter what, right? >> yes. >> and anything would be a few scattered showers that sunday morning. but right now, still a dry pattern. even on into the weekend. >> all right. >> you can forecast a win too? you can do that? >> i can't do that. >> we'll be right back. [ laughing ] hey, let me see that map for a second. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our lineup of oven-toasted breakfast sandwiches. from egg white flatbreads to bagel sandwiches, grab your favorite just the way you like it. hurry in to dunkin' donuts for a delicious veggie or turkey sausage egg white sandwich. with the most locations is becoin the dc area,e bank. we figured they could use our help.
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it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maintenance no-cost replacement of wear and tear items and 24/7 roadside assistance. because when you create the most beautiful, fast cars on earth, you create an ownership experience to match. >> the spotlight tonight on dance. a performing tribute to jude i get jameson. >> nice scene there. the redskins season starting off with this weekend's big matchup with dallas. today d.c. mayor issued a little friendly wager to the mayor of dallas. if the redskins win, is he to send the mayor barbeque. if the redskins lose, the mayor
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has vowed to send them half-smoked from ben's chilly bowel. they would be lucky. >> i think we win either way. >> exactly. >> not sure if that would travel that well. >> that will teach them. >> are you kidding me? >> reggie bush, tigers -- tiger woods and venus williams all in the news tonight. albert hains worth, front and center. i've got the very latest on the trade rumors. coming up next. [ son ] i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every week. i even bought her a computer with my new citi forward card. then one day... have you seen this? she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪ and tagging me. publicly. [ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit.
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>> all right. it's dallas week. the redskins play the cowboys sunday night. you know. that yet the rumors are rampant about haynesworth and trades with the titans. bruce allen did say tonight that there are absolutely no trade talk. he said nothing has changed with haynesworth. but that's in cron draft to league sources who say the skins have discussed a trade with the tennessee titans. meanwhile, titans' head coach was very careful speaking about haynesworth tonight. >> he's under contract there. if they're willing to look into the possibility of dealing him, then of course we'll listen to it. we'll be careful about what you try to sink your teeth into in terms of what's true and what's not. >> we'll keep you posted and up
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to date on that story. meanwhile the baseball fans, the nationals had won seven of their last 11 games but fell back early tonight. we'll go back downtown. pick it up in the top of the first, one on for davis. he will take maya deep to center field. he takes it yards. that's gone. four batters, three runs in the first. most fans weren't even in their seats yet. in the second inning, here with go. watch this now. he's making his debut as a pitcher. this is his first at-bat. singles right his first major league hit. it was going to be a tough night for the nats, you knew. it he a no hitter in his sixth. let's go to new york. orioles and yankees. pick it up in the top of the third. reimold is your batter and he's facing sabathia. deep left field with -- wigginton aboard. it was 5-1, orioles and the birds go on to beat the yankees, 6-2. venus williams is now just a win away from reaching the u.s. open finals for the first time since
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2002. williams, the number three seed, had to overcome nine double faults but she beat the reigning champion, reigning french open champion, 7-6, 6-4. the 30-year-old williams is going after her eighth grand slam title. she will face last year's champion in the semifinals on friday. reggie bush is front and center again in college football. there are rumblings that the heisman trophy is about to vote to have reggie bush return his heisman trophy because the u.s.c. running back received improper benefits while in college. if it happen, he will be the first player ever to return as highs -- his heisman trofey. and finally, tying -- trophy. and finally, tiger woods has accepted. it is the first time in his six appearances on the ryder cup team that he hasn't earned his way on. but he will be a part of the ryder cup. we'll be right back. look inside a more than
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>> sunny day tomorrow. a delightful day. not quite as warm as today but still above average. in the 80's and our dry pattern continues. >> that's it for us tonight. knight
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